Friday, June 15, 2018

Right Motives Give Pinions to Thought

One day, a manager in my organization called me into his office.  He explained that he had promised that some software would be developed to perform a particular task.  This was a new application and no such software had ever been written for this work.  Unfortunately, he explained, the software was due shortly, but the experts in our organization assigned to the task had been unable to write it.  This manager knew that I had some experience in this work and he asked if I would take over the assignment.  I had no immediate idea of how to solve his problem and my common sense told me to not get involved.  I could easily say "No" and walk away, but to my surprise I said "Yes".

Why did I say "Yes" to this request?  I wasn't trying to impress anyone or score points.  I could see that my manager had the right intentions when he promised the work would be done - he was a forward thinker, saw the need for the software, and had great confidence in the people he originally assigned to the task.  For him to report failure would be a missed opportunity to advance our capabilities and potentially embarrassing - not only for him, but for our organization.  I wanted to help.

As I pondered how to solve this problem, I took comfort in a statement from the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.  She wrote:
"Right motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech and action."
Pinions are the long feathers on a bird's wings that give it the power to fly.  So this statement is saying that right motives give us the power, inspiration and freedom to think, speak and act.

I didn't feel any sense of panic or pressure and I didn't rush into the work.  At first, I simply sat quietly in my office and waited for ideas to come.  Very shortly the ideas came!  I completed the work in just a couple of weeks - well before the deadline - and everyone was pleased with the results.  My right motives for being involved gave me the wisdom and freedom to think, speak, and act!

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