Monday, October 15, 2018

Your Personal Adviser

Did you ever wish that you had an unfailing, personal adviser with you throughout your day telling you what to say, where to go, what to do, how to act?  You do!

In her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, a Christian writer and healer, speaks of:
"... a divine influence ever present in human consciousness and repeating itself, coming now as was promised aforetime..."
An experience I had illustrates this divine influence.  It was early morning and I was praying to understand that God directs all our actions.  As I prayed, I heard the beep-beep-beep sound that large trucks make when they are backing up.  It was the day for garbage collection and I figured it was the truck picking up in our neighborhood.  For no reason that I was conscious of, I got up and looked out the window.  It was still dark, but I could see the front of the truck in the street by our neighbor's containers.  Again, for no reason that I was conscious of, I stood there watching.

Suddenly, I realized this wasn't the garbage truck.  We were having our roof replaced and the contractor had told me that a large roll-off dumpster would be delivered and placed by our garage.  This was the delivery, but the dumpster was being placed in the wrong location.  I quickly went outside and corrected the situation.

As I returned to the house, I realized that without my asking or seeking it, I had been directed to aid in the correct placement of this dumpster.  This may seem like an insignificant event, but it is an example of the divine influence for good that is ever present in everyone's lives throughout the day.  We often ignore or overlook this influence, but as Eddy says, it is repeating itself and if we are receptive we will allow ourselves to be guided by it.

You can learn more about the divine influence and how to be receptive to it by reading Eddy's book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  The book can be read online or purchased from Amazon.  You can also read, borrow or purchase the book at the Christian Science Reading Room located at 4602 Plettner Lane in Evergreen, Colorado

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